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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Questions to ask when evaluating fax services?

First of all not all fax services are the same. Yes, there is basic fax receiving and sending, however the major differences and costs are in how the users will access a fax service. Is there a web site to log on to? Is there software to install on all computers? Does it work from an email? All these are critical to the cost of operating the service in an efficient and time saving manner. If use of a service takes 3 minutes to launch a fax document then you may be better served with the old fashioned fax machine!

A fax document received by a fax service mush go somewhere, either printed to paper, in the trash,
                       stored in recipients’ email, saved to a shared archive folder, or imported to a
                       document management system? How are your faxes handled? Are they manually
                       moved around, manually archived, etc.?
Does your fax service require users to log on to a website? If so, how much time is
consumed simply by the log on process and the browse to find a fax file?
Have you ever been surprised by your fax service invoice? Many have price rounding or
bait and switch tricks that will cause heart failure when you see the invoice.
Information security? How secure is the fax document as it moves from your office to
the fax service and, on received faxes, is it secure from the service provider to 
your email?
Operationally, how many carriers does your service try the call on before it fails?
Do you have to manage how many fax pages are sent or received by each user? Is this
a good use of your time?
Do you pay a higher rate per fax if the volume goes over the plan limits?

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Evaluating Fax Machines

Questions to ask when evaluating fax machines?

Would you like to eliminate all these hard and soft costs…
1) A fax document received by a fax machine must go somewhere, either to a paper file,
trash, or scanned into a document management system? How are your faxes handled?
          2) Fax machine maintenance and repair. Is there a maintenance contract? A cost per page
          3) Fax machine EOL, 'end of life', replacement cost. What is the life of a fax machine in
your company?
          4) Phone line cost to operate the fax machine?
          5) Supplies cost, paper, ink/toner?
          6) A fax machine is very susceptible to disappearing documents, this is bad for customer
service! Consider the cost to call a customer asking to resend their fax? Consider the cost of a critical fax document lost and delayed?
7) A fax machine is an open source of private information. Is there a security risk lurking
around your fax machine?
          8) Consider the fax machine sending process…print a document, walk to the machine, dial,
redial, send, wait for confirmation, etc.
          9) Consider the fax machine receiving process…walk over to pickup a document, hand to
someone else, not to mention checking multiple times for arrival of special fax.
          10) Consider the cost of long distance fax calls.

The solution is online fax, which will eliminate these costs while providing additional security, convenience and productivity within your company! Visit our website www.onlinefax.com or call (866) 809-0399.

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