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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

What is SIP?

No SIP does not refer to taking a drink in this case, SIP or session initiation protocol, is an internet communications protocol used in two way communications for always on real time conversations, such as a fax call, voice call, or video conferencing.  SIP provides the rules of two connections carrying on a conversation that must take turns talking, listening and waiting for a response.

Other terms used to explain SIP could be voice over ip, fax over ip, online fax, internet phone, etc. All these refer to the SIP technology being used in that particular application. Many corporations are changing over to SIP phone systems to eliminate or lessen the cost of long distance calls, land lines, and gain flexibility in connecting multiple remote offices on the same phone pbx (private branch exchange). This transition from land line phone systems can be a bit rocky, not all SIP service providers are the same. With the low cost of SIP hundreds of SIP service providers have popped up to be a link in the communications chain between calling parties. This technology is changing very quickly, such that there can be a wide range and quality of equipment and software in SIP providers, thus creating weak links in SIP call paths. Of course the results can be dropped calls or difficulty in connecting and lots of frustration. One of the weak areas when implementing a new SIP phone system is the fax portion. Fax calls are less tolerant of weak links, thus fax failure rates as high as 30% is not uncommon. Many of our customers battled an in house SIP phone system or a SIP fax provider before test driving Online Fax. SIP is a great tool, but expect ups and downs until this technology matures.

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