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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Never busy fax?

So what exactly is Never Busy Fax? What does it do for my company?

First of all, the basic fax machine setup has one fax line to feed fax calls to the machine. The problem with this traditional fax machine setup is while the machine is receiving one fax a second call will get a busy signal. For busy offices such as transportation, hospitals, medical offices, doctor clinics, and laboratories, this is not a good fax solution. The solution is a bundle of lines, called a hunt group, which provides never busy faxing capacity up to the number of lines in the hunt group. Fax servers which use trunk lines, simply a bundle of lines, have never busy fax functionality built in by design. So, if the first line is busy receiving a call, it tries the second and so forth until an open line is connected to the call, thus never busy faxing.

The benefits of a never busy fax service are mostly cost savings and improved service for your fax senders/customers. Imagine every time your customer sends a fax it connects, never a busy signal or failed call. This would reduce phone calls from angry customers asking for another fax number to use. Another benefit would be eliminating fax line hunt groups, fax machines, and fax servers, plus reduce DID numbers. It is conceivable to run an entire corporation on a single fax number instead of a fax number for each person. Now for efficient routing of fax documents that would not be practical.

The cost savings and benefits are significant for busy offices that depend on critical fax documents.
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