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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Considerations for an On Demand Fax Solution

Considerations for an On Demand Fax Solution

As corporations adopt digital fax file systems as part of their standard business communications processes, a critical question facing IT is how to achieve enterprise-grade standards. Due to the demands for software customization options, contact integration and the importance of your business-critical data, your corporate online fax solution must be just as robust as the rest of the enterprise. While it may be the instinct of IT to achieve this with an in-house fax server, this DefinitiveGuide for Corporate Fax Solutions will discuss how an on-demand, desktop fax system will provide a more robust solution.

The 5 keys to delivering enterprise-grade, multi-location fax solutions are:

  1. Security
  2. Usability
  3. Integration
  4. Scalability
  5. Performance 

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Identiy Theft Prevention, Online Fax

Identity Theft Prevention, Online Fax!

We've all heard the nightmare stories about the ordeal an individual must endure after having their personal information stolen and used. Most of the time we think in some way the individual deserved it because they were giving out their credit card or other personal information to scammers or unknown internet businesses. Another misconception is that our personal information is usually stolen from large online databases. Most important our thoughts always lead us to believe it's someone outside a company that commits the evil deed!

Beware of the evil within!

All these companies have very recent identity theft stories where the thief was an employee that had access to customer's information. One way to protect your customers is by using a high security Online Fax, http://www.onlinefax.com, service to remove employee access to unsecured fax machines rich with documents full of personal confidential details.

How embarrassing and costly would it be to call customers to let them know an employee stole their personal details?

Of course Human Resources departments interviewed and did drug tests and background checks on these persons, but the best protection is to secure the information within the corporate walls.

These companies have experienced ongoing pain and liability from an identity theft employee... Reduce your exposure with Online Faxing.

2011 Nov Wells Fargo, Atlanta, GA <click here for the story>
2012 March Dillard's, Shreveport, LA <click here for the story>
2012 April Greenville Hospital, Greenville, SC <click here for the story>
2012 April ProVest, Tampa, FL <click here for the story>
2012 May United Healthcare, Minneapolis, MN <click here for the story>
2012 May Newark Aiport, Newark, NJ <click here for the story>
2012 May Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Chicago, IL <click here for the story>
2012 May Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary, Boston, MA <click here for the story>
2012 May University of Phoenix, Wankesha, WI <click here for the story>
2012 June Mission Beach Gym, San Diego, CA <click here for the story>
2012 July Internal Revenue Service, Philadelphia, PA <click here for the story>

and on, and on, ...

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Monday, July 9, 2012

18 Online Fax Cost Savings to Evaluate

18 Online Fax Cost Savings to Evaluate

Today, many trucking and other companies are trapped by their fax machine. Their communications and security are lacking due to fear of change to new technology complicated by the difficulty of determining productivity savings of a switch to online faxing, www.onlinefax.com. Here's a partial list of productivity gains a company needs to consider when evaluating whether to switch to Online Fax.

  1. Eliminates printing a document to fax, employee time, paper, and ink
  2. Eliminates employee time walking to the fax machine, dialing, redialing, waiting for confirmation
  3. No more lost faxes
  4. No calls to customers asking to resend a fax
  5. Eliminates need to scan faxes received
  6. Sign fax documents digitally, saves time, paper and ink
  7. Experience fewer interruptions to fax communications
  8. Never busy fax receiving
  9. Easily grant corporation wide fax capability at the desktop computer
  10. Enables mobile workers to fax while traveling
  11. Automatically capture a copy of all faxes sent and received
  12. Create searchable fax archive
  13. Get rid of phone lines
  14. Get rid of old fax servers
  15. No more fax server software upgrades or support costs
  16. No more fax machine maintenance costs
  17. Increase fax document security of sensitive information
  18. Block junk faxes

Ultimately corporations that accept change, catching the wave of technology, can tremendously impact their business with productivity gains and enhanced competitive strategy be propelled past competition by providing with the best industry customer service and products.

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