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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Marketing by Fax is Back

Like any marketing tool, as it matures it loses effectiveness, it becomes familiar and common. Likewise, email marketing has been hit hard lately, by the increased accuracy of email filters, hacked email links, and multiple layers of spam trapping, plus easy junk email tagging makes marketing emails very difficult to get delivered.

Email delivery rates drop 6% to 76.5%

Fax is back. Now that the legal criteria for fax marketing has been resolved any business with an 'established business relationship' and sufficient contact info on each fax to provide an 'opt out' option for the recipient, can market using faxes. Faxing still has great benefits...
- it gets read
- it's inexpensive, $.05 - $.10 per piece, much cheaper than stamps, envelopes, and paper
- it can be timed for select days of the week, special holidays, end of the month specials, etc.
- most businesses have a fax machine, fax server or Online Fax service

Fax is coming back in style because it provides a fresh way to contact customers and prospects. Plus with our Word Merge to fax, personalizing each fax provides added attractiveness to the receiver with targeted customized messaging and information.

For more information and details, email maryk@globalaccessinc.com or call (866) 809-0399.

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Using Email Scanning Stations to Send a Fax

Recently while working with a new transportation customer the question about using scan to email came up. This company has many scanning stations distributed throughout the company departments and various office locations to facilitate moving paper documents to digital.

In a way this is reminiscent of the traditional departmental shared fax machine, which we are trying to obsolete. In the same way the fax machine is not efficient nor conductive for multitasking neither is a shared scanning station. The best practice would be to turn paper into digital from the source when it arrives at the business. Using Online Fax is a great digitizing tool, forget the word 'fax', in it's basic function this is taking a paper document and converting into a digital computer file, without having a person manually scan papers today or leave their desk to scan.

Online Fax creates an opportunity for companies to capture, from the source, paper into computer files which can easily be annotated, archived, emailed, printed or faxed as needed.

However, if your company has invested in scanning stations maximize their use by 'fax enabling' these scanners so employees can scan to email and scan to fax. It's easy to setup, no software, no special training is needed, in fact a flip of the switch on our server will enable your entire multi-location corporation to send faxes from desktop email or a scanning station!

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