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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Online Faxing for Your Business Needs

For private document transmission, the fax machine has been the tool many businesses have chosen. Unfortunately, many businesses don't own a fax machine with a dedicated fax line. In this economy you have to save wherever you can and having a dedicated phone line is just not an option. Several companies have used shared phone lines, but this approach has caused many callers consternation when they hear the familiar modem sound on the receiver because someone forgot to switch the line over. Businesses as well as individuals have discovered the alternative of an online faxing service.

There are many online faxing services to from which to choose. Moreover, there are many different levels of service. How do you choose the right one? It helps to ask a few questions about the online faxing service. How much does the service cost? How many faxes do you send and receive each month? Do you need an 800 number? In what format can you upload files? Finding a company that will offer faxing services at a good price with options for file types and multi-user functions is an important part of choosing a provider.

Having an 800 number for a faxing service will more than likely cost an additional two to three dollars more per month, but with unlimited phone services provided by your online faxing company, an 800 number will be unnecessary. Unless you receive a lot of international faxing, an 800 number is probably not worth the expense.

Many of the online faxing services will accept all of the popular data types, as well, and unless you have an unusual format for your faxes, there should be very little hassle in selecting the correct one.

Choosing the faxing service that is right for your needs can be a very easy proposition. Take your time and ask the questions, you will be glad you did.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Online fax Service

Onlinefax.com is a provider of online fax service for businesses of any size. Users of the service may include sales departments, customer service, or any business owner looking to save time and money. Faxes are sent via e-mail using 128-bit encryption and are received as PDF attachments.

Customers of Online Fax can choose between the Business Package and the Corporate Package, depending on the specific requirements of their company. The Business Package includes a fax number, five fax sending accounts, a shared 1,000 page bundle and fax sending software. The Corporate Package includes ten fax numbers, ten fax sending accounts, a shared 2,000 page bundle and fax sending software. Faxes that are received by Online Fax are forwarded to the customer's e-mail address.

Many customizable options are available for Online Fax packages that include Caller ID, the routing of multiple e-mails and notification by text message: the option for Caller ID allows a customer to track all Internet faxes that have been received; if an e-mail routing option is used, multiple faxes can be received at once; users of the text message notification option will receive an alert when a fax has been received.

The use of an online fax service allows a business to send and receive important documents over the Internet with ease. Faxes can be sent to one person or to multiple people at once, though you will need to use a computer running the Windows operating system, Apple OS or any other system that can view PDF files.

The service uses the Internet but it not a web-based service; customers are assigned dedicated numbers or they can have faxes forwarded to an existing fax number. Once installed, the software provided by Online Fax is capable of handling any document that can be printed including orders and invoices. Fax information is placed in an e-mail and forwarded to its destination.