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Monday, June 4, 2012

3 Internet Fax Sending Options...How to Choose

Corporations considering replacing an aging fax server with cloud Internet fax service must understand the three fax sending options, benefits and drawbacks! So make sure you research each service type before investing time and money to implement a fax solution that is inefficient which doesn't match the corporate requirements and policy.  

Web based account... This type of Online fax sending provides good security, but is the least user friendly and extremely inefficient.  

Email to Fax... Without a doubt the easiest to use and implement, has poor security.  

Desktop software... Provides maximum security, fits in with network security policy and depending on the software features can provide many user productivity benefits.

Before considering any Online fax service be sure to define goals such as increased efficiency, expanded fax capability, provide for remote staff, fax enable world-wide locations, fax machine overflow capture, and on and on. A great resource to quickly provide the details needed for evaluation of services and implementation planning is right here...free online fax guide, protect against wasting time and money, plan a mix of Online fax solutions to best fit overall corporate needs. For in depth planning check out The Definitive Guide to Corporate Fax Solutions. 


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