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Thursday, March 15, 2012

You CAN Save Time and Money on Corporate Faxing!

The corporate fax machine: a one-time tool of efficient communication that has become a Paleolithic relic of office equipment, full of precise sensors and finely-tuned moving parts just waiting to malfunction. The machine is frequently out of paper, creating images that are smeared, lined or perhaps too light, receiving faxes that get jammed in the queue--and all on the opposite side of the building from the person needing to respond to the transmission! Every malfunction, every paper jam, and busy signal costs you money!

  • Imagine if every employee had a fax machine in his or her office and the resulting streamlined efficiency!
  • Imagine the savings in your personnel time, which could be more productively spent on projects than on walking – repeatedly – to the fax machine throughout the day.
  • Imagine the savings you'll earn on office equipment and supplies!
  • Imagine no time spent on incoming or outgoing busy signals!
  • Imagine safe and secure corporate fax document communications!

Imagine the OnlineFax.com experience!

OnlineFax.com is unlike other web-based fax services. With OnlineFax.com, your employees can send a fax to one person or to thousands with just a few clicks. Our pioneering and innovative software does not require you to log in to a separate website; our exclusive software allows you to connect directly to the Internet. If a document is printable, OnlineFax.com can send it without needing to use a converter or scanner to turn it into something faxable. Any document you need to fax or e-mail – correspondence, reports, presentations, invoices, purchase orders, drawings, scans, web pages, newsletters, announcements – OnlineFax.com software can handle it for you and your employees, no matter where they are, whether in your office or while traveling on business.

Please visit our website for more detailed information about how our corporate fax services can save you time and money at: www.onlinefax.com or phone us at 866-809-0399.

One of our account managers will be standing by to answer your questions about our services, as well as help you build a customized package designed specifically for your corporation's needs. Let us help you get started with OnlineFax.com!



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