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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

10 Checkpoints for Internet Fax

Once you've decided that your approach to finding an OnLine Fax solution will be based on your business requirements rather than a prepackaged personal fax account, you will need to identify your fax needs on a per line, per location, per user basis while keeping the macro view of your corporate network.

The 10 point checklist is designed to help you get started building an assessment of your company fax requirements. This Is not an exhaustive index of questions to cover every possible scenario. However, answers to the checklist will be an exercise to help reveal the possibilities, concerns and requirements needed. The checklist will also serve as a tool to help anyone prepare the necessary information for a candidate vendor to understand your company fax requirements.

10 Checkpoints for Internet Fax System Requirements

1. What fax solution are you currently using? Machines, fax server, modem, or service?
2. Which corporate departments will be using online fax services?
3. Estimated monthly page volume: all users, all locations, all fax lines, both sending and receiving
4. Which email server are you using?
5. Which email desktop clients are you using? Which versions?
6. What software are you using to store all customers contacts?
7. What software are you using to store all vendor contacts?
8. Do you have personnel that needs to send and/or receive faxes on mobile devices such as a PDA or smart phone?
9. List special options that you may require of the Internet fax service.
10. List the users by department, noting fax capability needs per user: send, receive, remote, in office, from mobile device, etc..

OnLine Fax has a resource tool that organizes this by department, notes security requirements, user email address and fax number. You may download it for free here:

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