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Friday, April 27, 2012

Does Saving $30 Per Hour Matter?

Recently in talking with a dear friend I realized that being 'challenged' to think about a common issue from a different perspective can have great rewards! Here's what I mean...

If your company has a worker that costs $30 per hour for wages and benefits, is that enough money to matter? Ok, let's crunch some numbers...

This worker is on the job roughly 21 work days per month, 8 hours per day, totaling 168 hours of work per month. Now, at a cost $30 per hour for 168 hours is $5,040 for the month.

Now, calculate the cost for 12 months, $60,480.
Now, calculate the cost for 24 months, $120,960.
Now, calculate the cost for 36 months, $181,440.
Now, at 48 months or 4 years this worker cost the company $241,920!

Now, if your company has multiple departments or locations and you can eliminate one such worker from each.... Hum, let's expand on the numbers...

Eliminate 2 workers saves $483,840 over four years!
Eliminate 4 workers saves $967,680 over four years!
Eliminate 8 workers saves $1,935,360 over four years!

The Challenge!

So far, I bet you assumed the 'worker' was a person?
Come on, admit it, you did. Ok, let's get the rest of the story...

The Rest of the Story!

The 'worker' you need to eliminate in your company is the Fax Machine.

Any multi-location corporation can save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars by switching to a Fax to an email online fax service. Receive a free fax cost analysis of your company fax machines, contact Global Access Inc at (866) 809-0399 or email support@globalaccessinc.com.


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