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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Get Organized For 2012 With Technology Innovations

We can all count on a few things after a long holiday: it will be tough to get back into the swing of things, we will all pine for the holiday cheer from a month ago and our inboxes will be bursting at the seams. But with the right technological organization, you can make sure your documents are all where they need to be as the New Year gets underway. Whether you need to send a fax, return some e-mails or find things more quickly on your computer, technology can help you start the year off right.

Prioritize E-mail: As e-mail has become the preferred method of communication in most offices around the world, your e-mail inbox should be sufficiently inundated by the time you return from a long break. But fear not, e-mail providers have been hard at work making e-mail prioritizing easier. Gmail now monitors which e-mails you read and which you delete without opening, assigning a priority to each, marking those most important messages with a yellow tag. Yahoo mail offers many different category folders you can save to. These methods allow you to separate e-mails by importance so you can get through your work faster.

Online Fax: By switching to an online fax service, offices can organize faxes in many ways. Internet fax services change incoming faxes into digital PDF files so you can stay better organized and save paper. And by creating a digital version of all outgoing faxes as well, you create a digital backup for all faxes so you will never be without the necessary information. You will also be able to move these files into your regular computer filing system.

Computer Storage: The area of digital storage has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, bringing increased capacity to external hard drives. These small plug-in drives can hold over a terabyte of information for very little money. But if you are worried about security and even larger capacity, along with the ability to access your info from anywhere, cloud storage is the way to go. These encrypted, online storage centers allow you to share information, transmit online fax documents and even save e-mails and other important materials so they can be viewed anywhere by anyone with access at any time.

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