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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Selecting a Corporate Fax Solution

Selecting a Corporate Fax Solution

The process of selecting a corporate fax solution might be compared to a phone network. A corporate phone system solution would be considered from the PBX options, allowing a full in-house network whereas a small office would likely use the standard key system. Differentiating a corporate fax solution from a personal or small business fax solution can be made with a similar consideration.

There is one decision that will have to be made before a corporate fax solution is considered. This is the way this decision will be approached. Many Internet fax systems are pre-configured to work a certain way. The only real options are the packages which contain more or less bells and whistles and options based on volume and number of fax lines.

The right approach for a corporate solution is to assess the company's requirements based on your software, usability, privacy, security, transmission speeds, document types, multi-location networks and all the other particulars. Determine your requirements, needs and questions then you can find a supplier that will offer solutions based on what your company needs rather than shopping fax systems from a menu board. Deciding that your fax communications vendor will make it to your order specifications will possibly change the outcome of your corporate fax solution choice.

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