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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Break The Chains Of Contract Communications This Year

With 2012 upon us, small businesses still face an uphill battle. Regulations, corporate taxes and record inflation have made it difficult for entrepreneurs looking to grow. But new technologies are making it easier to eliminate long-term contracts for communication, making it easier for your business to save money. Innovations like online fax systems, no-contract cell phone plans and VOIP systems, you can communicate with customers, negotiate rates and have the freedom to switch around coverage systems as needed. The brief guide below will show you how to find the best plan for your office.

VOIP: Voice over IP services allow your entire office to make calls over the internet so you can cut your contract with the phone company. By connecting with online fax services, you can eliminate all dedicated phone lines, and still have more features than available from the phone company.

Online Fax: Internet fax services usually don't require you to sign a contract and allow you to fax all documents to a digital desktop and email to a fax machine, saving your office on paper, as well as allowing you to switch to VOIP systems, cutting your contract with the phone company.

Mobile Devices: So much of business nowadays is done on the go. Your sales force and other traveling employees need to be able to communicate outside the office. But companies like Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile have worked to expand contract-free mobility options, even for tablets and laptops so you don't have to sign a long-term contract, you can negotiate rates for your entire team and you can cancel and move on to another company if you find a better deal.

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