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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Help Your Clients Begin 2012 In The Black

There are many New Year's resolutions people make this time of year. But making more money is one that goes without saying. As a financial professional, you can light a path to your clients' future with one good prospectus, trade or proposal. But it has to get there first. Help your clients begin 2012 in the black with online fax solutions and other technology improvements. Help protect your communications and get your clients in on the ground floor in the New Year.
Online Faxing: Your office sends out thousands of prospectuses and financial info packets per day. With several departments churning out documents every day, there is bound to be some traffic jams. But internet fax services create a digital queue so that your documents always go out and your clients never receive a busy signal. Finance moves at a fast pace so you want to make sure your clients have all the facts as soon as they need them.
E-Mail Servers: Sending thousands of documents a day to large contact lists can create backlogs and bounce-back lists a mile long. These e-mail blunders can cripple your office servers if you are not prepared for it. By using an outside server and connecting your e-mail with your company fax, you can protect against large bounce-backs.
Working Together: If your office is sharing communication resources, crowding around one fax machine or crossing paths too often, web fax services offer solutions. By creating separate online fax desktops for each division, you can keep your document processes more organized and ensure that there is not too much crossover.

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