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Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Cover Up!


Lately there's a lot of discussion about a possible high level government coverup over the Benghazi terrorists attach on the U.S. Embassy. There is another coverup happening in the fax machine and fax server industry to promote traditional fax methods while denying the benefits of online fax.

There is absolutely no reason any business should hang on to traditional fax equipment that is
1) expensive to replace,
2) requires technical support labor to maintain,
3) needs phone lines, paper, ink, long distance, cleaning, etc.
4) fax machines consume an amazing amount of employee time to print, walk, dial, re-dial, and watch a fax be sent or walk to pickup received faxes, tracking down lost faxes picked up by someone else.
5) fax machines are a security risk, exposing private information.

Worth hundreds of thousands in savings, online fax can have a huge impact on all these expenses, plus provide gains in productivity increasing employee efficiency, better customer service, plus the benefit of fail safe delivery on multiple carriers will get your critical documents delivered quickly!

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