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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Online Fax Network Security

Network Security: Your fax network servers will need to be behind a firewall. The key here is that there should NOT be any public access to the web servers where your data is stored. Even with the best of secured servers, there's always a better hacker out there (Wiki Leaks?). If you're the server where your data is stored has log-in access, then that data is compromised and you do not have an enterprise-grade security solution.

Some corporations require custom Online Fax solutions such as having faxes received sent to an administratively controlled server for in-house distribution or having inbound faxes land on an SFTP server for retrieval. The important thing is to consider the nature of the content that will be moving inbound and outbound. Determine your network security requirements but do not set yourself up with the loophole of having your faxes go to an outside server with public log-in access.

It is also imperative that your outbound faxes would be sent from your service provider through secure internet lines (SSL); just as the service provider should be using a secured server (HTTPS, SFTP, SSH).

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