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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

8 Questions-Sending an Online Fax

Sometimes walking through the process will help clarify what needs to happen and pinpoint the questions that need to be addressed. 
  1. Does the online fax service allow the user to send a fax directly from their desktop computer WITHOUT logging into a website?
  2. Does the fax service enable users to initiate a new fax from a contact database?
  3. Does the fax service allow users to fax directly from the document file menu without opening windows or browsing?
  4. Does the fax service allow users to fax ANYTHING from the computer regardless of the file type? Invoices? Orders? Purchase orders?
  5. Does the fax solution allow combining files of various sources to send as a single fax?
  6. Does the fax solution provide an automatic PDF converter for special situations to convert print out to a file?
  7. Does the service secure the document and transmission automatically?
  8. Does the fax solution allow for pre-configured standard fax cover sheets that automatically populate with personalized data?
An Enterprise-Grade fax solution will provide all these options for sending a fax!



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