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Friday, June 22, 2012

Executive Privilege for Traditional Fax

Executive Privilege for Traditional Fax

President Obama can claim 'executive privilege' in order to protect 'fast and furious' documents, as stated by the Huffington Post.  Since the 1960's when fax machines became popular in the office they have soared in use to over 19 million in just the United States, as stated by NationMaster. Fax machines gave business an inexpensive way to send documents quickly which was a replacement for the mobile courier or Federal Express. Thus the fax machine became the holy grail of office equipment, a business could not be without one. Usually each corporate group, physical location or department in larger corporations would have a shared fax machine centrally located for twenty or thirty people to access. 

At the time this was a great step ahead in efficiency, however, is it efficient in today's business?

In the business environment fax machines have been given 'executive privilege' protecting them from being replaced by newer more efficient technology such as Online Faxing or a fax server.

Consider how simple and inexpensive sending an email is, now imagine sending faxes just like an email or receiving a fax as an email! Wow, now faxing, Online Faxing, is more simple than even the old fashioned traditional fax machine.

Is your corporation trapped by your fax machine in a tradition of inefficiency?

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