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Monday, June 27, 2011

Transitioning From Traditional To Online Fax

While the jump from a traditional, paper-based fax machine to an online fax service may seem daunting, Online Fax makes the transition easy by offering you tools that you already enjoy in your current phone or fax system, and fixing some of the most frustrating parts about modern office communication.

Contact Lists: If you are like most people in the era of cell phones and built-in e-mail lists, you can't remember a single phone number or e-mail address no matter how often you use it. So why should you have to for your fax system? Online Fax offers integration with all major e-mail systems and contact servers, including GMail, Outlook, Act, Goldmine and even Excel spreadsheets. Send a fax to anyone in your contact list and sync thousands of contacts with our fax system so you will never have to remember a contact number again.

No Busy Signal: Cell phone users have waved goodbye to the busy signal. That annoying beep has invaded our ears for the last time. Make sure it isn't the first thing your customers hear when they try and send you a fax. Even if multiple faxes are coming in at once, Online Fax insures the line will never be busy again.

Keep Your Number: These days, contact information is like currency. You trade your business card or e-mail address for services, access, and as a way to stay in touch. For the avid business professional, your contact information may be gracing thousands of contact lists right now. Don't change your fax number to move on an online fax service. Online Fax allows you to keep your current number so you won't have to resend thousands of contact files just to send a fax.

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