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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Legal Practices Go Paperless With Online Fax

While e-mail, instant messaging and cloud servers have dominated modern communication in recent years, some industries have not brought transmissions into the digital age. One such industry, law, is still largely a paper-heavy practice, using letter services and faxes to send important documents. But as digital communication becomes the norm for many legal clients, legal practices have turned to online fax services to digitize contracts, depositions, government documents and court papers.

With online faxing, lawyers, clerks and judges can communicate with clients by sending and receiving documents digitally. Working faster than a traditional scanner, an online fax system can handle massive corporate contracts, merger documents and other paperwork with ease. Creating a PDF of faxed documents makes them easier to share and manage over a cloud server or e-mail chain and can still preserve all signatures, notarized passages and other important hard-copy features.

One of the main worries of any legal practice is the security and confidentiality of legal documents. While e-mail is often prone to hacking, internet faxes create a secure communication over a highly encrypted internet connection so your information cannot be stolen.

By eliminating the fax machine and its many supplies from your office expenses, online faxing can save you money as well as time. If you are like most legal offices, the last thing you need is more paper so go paperless with online fax services.

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