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Monday, June 6, 2011

Offices Go Green With Online Fax Services

In an increasingly interconnected world, technology has made reducing your carbon footprint at work that much easier. With e-mail tools, PDFs and scanners, you can cut down your office's paper consumption to nearly zero. But no matter how much you cut, there are still those occasional things that require you to kill a tree. Contracts, signed purchase orders and invoices still need to be hard copied. That's why, if going green is the name of the game, Online Fax can help.

According to the National Resources Defense Council, offices are finding ways to use less paper. In 2007, the group released a list of ways offices have cut back their paper consumption. The NRDC recommends you put a message in all e-mails asking readers to think before they print, and to use e-mail for all internal memos and client communication. By getting printers that print on both sides, offices can reduce the amount of waste they create. And by stocking your office kitchen with reusable cups and plates instead of paper and plastic ones, you can cut down on office waste.

But even with all these tips, using some paper is unavoidable, even four years later. One key way offices can cut down on paper usage with Online Fax. Our online fax software allows you to receive all faxes digitally so you print less, using less paper. This system allows your customers and clients to send you their signatures and hard copies just as they would a normal fax but you receive it digitally over the internet.

Combining these tips and using a web fax service like ours, we can create a smarter, greener, less wasteful world. Check us out at www.onlinefax.com.

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